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Hi gaiz, I feel like I'm hurtling forward at a bajillion miles an hour because oh my sweet crickets I have so much to do right now. Nearly done with year 2 of hell law school (the "nearly" being two papers and a lot of crying), and next week I'm heading a few states west to do some hiking and see Mammoth Caves with my bros and mother and boyfriend before my brother's graduation. Then (gasp) I'm going to Ireland! One of our good friends invited us (aka boyfriend and I) along, and while there have been a few obnoxious screwups minor hiccups, I'm SUPER CRAZY EXCITED YOU GUYS. None of us have ever been before (I've done England/Scotland/Wales :heart: but never Ireland) and it will be five crazy days of crazy. And fun. And CRAZY. And then I get back at like 5pm the day before my job starts. :B Whooo am I good at planning or what? 

Job! I am doing (unpaid, sigh...) spacey things for the FAA this summer and I'm really, super excited about it! Should be really neat and a lot of fun. :3 

Other things...hmm. I took a space law class this semester and it was basically the best thing ever. Seriously. In what other class do you get to discuss whether it would be legal to put a death ray in orbit around Earth? (hint: it actually would be legal, as long as said death ray was not a WMD. The more you know :| ) Things are great with boyfriend because he is absolutely the sweetest human, and we knocked it out of the park at Barristers' Ball this year, if I may say so. ;D We discovered that my fratty apartment building actually has this AMAZING secret yoga room that is PERFECT for dance practice, and we were using it at night so much that I'm pretty sure the staff all thought we were things. :B But we weren't! We were doing DA PRACTICE for DA FANCY DANCIES. And much fun and sweat was had by all! :D 


Ok, life stuff over. Let's talk about DAT FINALE. YOU GAIZ. YOU GAAAIIIZZZZ. It probably doesn't top "A Canterlot Wedding" for my all-time fav two-parter, but it probably ties for first place. :heart: JUST JUST JUST GUH. 

1) Wow, "You'll Play Your Part" is best song. Period. BEST. SONG.  
2) Oh...uh. Wow. DA embeds videos now. Huh. 
3) Luna is actually spotty-butt! LUNA IS SPOTTY-BUTT
4) Cadance, honey, slap Twilight for me. Twi: "I've waited like a year for my kingdom, woe is me." Cadance: "B*TCH PLEASE I WAS A PRINCESS BABYSITTER WHEN CELESTIA WAS THE ONLY OTHER ALICORN THAT EXISTED. SHUT YOUR CUPCAKE-HOLE" 
5) Regarding Cadance and Tirek, everybody seems to be taking this as evidence that Cadance *is* immortal, and was around when Tirek was banished the first time. I don't actually think that's true (and not because my headcanon firmly refuses to believe that either Twilight or Cadance is immortal). Think about it: if Tirek escaped from Tartarus when Cerberus left his post in "It's About Time," he's been lurking in Equestria and biding his time since right before the end of the second season of the show. Which means that he got to Equestria right before the royal wedding and subsequent changeling invasion, aka something that literally the entire kingdom must have been talking about for weeks (or not, considering that apparently nobody in Manehatten remembers that Twilight is a princess now, but whatevs). It seems impossible to me that Tirek could have failed to take note of Cadance's existence after that. Anyway. That's my headcanon and I'm stickin' to it. :iconliarjackplz:
7) "Surely you saw this coming." OOOOO BURN DISCORD., Applejack, ouch. Remind me not to get on your snark side. O.O
8) Rainbow Dash slapping the hat off one of the most powerful characters in the show = new favorite thing. 
9) Ok, so when Celestia and Luna give up their alicorn magic, their manes and tails stop waving and lose their sparkle...but their manes are still multicolored/huge/ethereal-looking. Huh. Um...huh. Need new explanation for magic manes. Ideas, anybody? 
10) DAT BATTLE. And then Twilight was Aang. 
11) Twilight and Tirek stalemated, does that mean that the four Princesses together have as much magic as all the other ponies in Equestria combined? Yow! 
12) Awww yiss new castle! SPARKLY. :star:

Ok, I'm done! Tell me what you thought! :3 I for one enjoyed the heck out of it...yay character progression and awesome magic duels! 

Love you all, and thanks for putting up with my random 5am rambles. More art coming soon! TAE out. :heart: 
  • Reading: Hyperbole and a Half--Allie Brosh
  • Watching: PONY PONY PONY
  • Playing: with magnet paper! :D
  • Eating: Brownies
  • Drinking: Cider ;3
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HollyRoseBriar Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
I liked the finale!  I liked how Discord had some character development.
TheAntimonyElement Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me too! It's so great to see him as a recurring character, he's so much fun :)
HollyRoseBriar Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
He's so sweet to Fluttershy (except for that one time.) 

Lol, I did wonder if he was going to get a real "test of friendship" from Twilight at some point after that episode where he pretends to be sick.  I wonder if this "totally driven home that real friends are the most important thing" is going to make the rest of them stop eyeing him suspiciously all the time?
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Family law, criminal law, space law... I can't think of a world where "space lawyer" would not be a badass thing to be able to put on your business cards.

I found a lot of the songs from S4 to be, well, kind of forgettable, and I'm not sure why. Aside from bits of  "Hearts Strong as Horses" I've been unable to recall any of the tunes shortly after an episode finishes, yet I still get "Winter Wrap-Up" stuck in my head on a regular basis. The S4 finale was fun ("dat battle" indeed, and also Discord because he steals the show -- along with anything else not nailed down and quite a few things that are -- whenever he shows up), but "A Canterlot Wedding" is still my favourite.

Personal interpretation is that Celestia and Luna are always... shedding? their magic. Like a spillway for a dam or something, where they just have so much magic that they'd lose control and destroy everything around them if they tried to keep it all in all the time. When Twilight gets their magic she's constantly crackling with energy, and is randomly teleporting super far and flying at insane speeds because she's trying to contain something that needs an outlet. Celestia and Luna have just been at it so long that they subconsciously bleed off the excess, and it manifests as the wavy hair effect. That's my :twocents: anyway.
TheAntimonyElement Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, that was kind of my professor's opening line for the first day of class..."You wanna know the best part? Whenever you go out with other lawyers, and people ask you what you win." XD 

I like your interpretation of Celestia and Luna's manes! My personal theory was that wavy manes = active alicorn magic (since we've seen Twilight and Cadance do it when they're in the middle of something really powerful) and, because the sun and moon are always moving throughout the day/night, Celestia and Luna are constantly exerting a little bit of power. 
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May 12, 2014