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So I finally got BF addicted to Star Trek (TNG, because of course), and it's been fun. Then, tonight, he facebooks me this little ditty: 

(Sung to the tune of "Let it Go") 
Make it so! 
Make it so! 
We can't hold them anymore! 
Make it so! 
Make it so! 
We risk a breach of our warp core! 
I don't careeeee...what LaForge says 
Fire at will, Number One
The Borg never bothered me anyway


Never let it be said that BF isn't a poet! (Also, the LaForge thing is because he knows I love LaForge and thus he likes to make fun of him solely to irk me. He would probably do it with Data and Picard too but he can't in the face of their awesomeness). 


Also, we went to the Maryland Renn Fest yesterday! It was awesome, even though it started raining half an hour after we got there in the morning and didn't stop until 6pm (aka an hour before close). Siiiigh. For those that don't know, I haaaate rain. Haaaaate. I bought a carved wooden dragon ornament and another banner from my favorite tent (a red Welsh dragon to match my purple gryphon from last year!) and lots and lots of food and a WoodBaby gryphon puppet who is now my favorite thing ever!!! His name is Sir Skittle. Check it: 

Seriously, I knew I wanted one after last year (I found the shop right at the end of the day and had a bit too much sticker shock), so I went straight for it this year after saving up. BUT, I thought they were just really cool shoulder-sitters. So as the saleslady (who had one on her shoulder, of course) was showing me how to put mine on, hers started MOVING and I FREAKED OUT a littlebitok. And she was like "whoa, honey, they're all puppets," and I was like MUST HAVE BECAUSE NOW I CAN PRETEND THAT I AM A LABYRINTH DENIZEN AND THAT A LITTLE GRYPHON ESCAPED THE HENSON CREATURE SHOP TO COME TO ME. And sit on my shoulder. And freak out people who want to pet it and don't realize it can move. >:3 :heart: :heart: :heart: 

What else? I tried the strongman "whack the thing and try to ring the bell" thing and didn't get above "Plague Victim," which was sad and embarrassing. :C I threw some axes, which was more fun. And I popped two balloons with darts, so I got a prize token, yaaaay! The darts thing sort of vindicated my pride after the strongman thing. >.> Also there was a rope bridge thing that you could try to climb up before it flipped you off (our whole group took turns failing and falling dramatically into the hay, it was great) and the Wheel of Death (which is even scarier to watch in the rain because HOLY SNOT MAN YOU ARE GOING TO DIE), and this magician put his whole body into a balloon and out again and it was really weird (imagine a man with a four-foot pink balloon for a head, or that same balloon with only a guy's head sticking out of it...yeah). Um. We watched some fencing and some jousting and watched my friend get her fortune told and generally it was just a really fun (if muddy and wet) day. 

Oh wow. This is truly the nerdiest journal I've ever posted...Star Trek *AND* Renn Fest at once? Oy vey. ;P 


Love love love, all you dA peeps! 

:heart: TAE out 
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Skye Boat Song
  • Reading: Skyfire--Jess Owen
  • Playing: with Sir Skittle!
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: peppermint tea

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