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Moi. Being silly.
I live! (I really need to stop starting journals like this, and I also really really need to post more than 2 journals this year. Bad 2015, bad!) 

So, what's up with me? Lots! 
:bulletblue: I PASSED THE BAR
:bulletgreen: YES I DID 
:bulletpurple: LOOK AT ME 
:bulletred: BOOYAH

Ahem. So other things! 
:bulletblue: Am now officially lawyer. Don't ask me questions, I probably don't know the answer. Am mostly pretending to be lawyer. :B 
:bulletpurple: Have car and apartment, like real person (also pretending. not real person)
:bulletgreen: Made chili yesterday, like I often do. I make damn good chili. I cut the jalapenos with my bare hands, as I often do. Safeway, the most useless grocery store in creation, sold me fat Serranos instead. I found this out by being in horrible burning agony for 7 hours last night. >:C 
:bulletred: Found out today that one of my coworkers came down with viral pinkeye, will be out for 3 weeks, and everything he touched is now super-contagious. It's not like I work right next to him or am going to be doing jobs for his boss or anything now. 
:bulletpurple: Working in a courthouse is so great, you guys. Here is a list of the reasons why: 
-My boss is awesome
-Like, SO AWESOME you guys 
-She is the coolest judge 
-Sometimes people are crazy, and you get to see those people do crazy things
-Example: "Mr. X, why did you decide to divorce your wife?" "Because she decided to become a man." :B Welp there's an answer (said former wife then testified concerning her job as a public speaker on the fusion between magic and sexuality, and all of her witnesses were psychics) 
-Other example: "Tell (husband I'm divorcing) to give me back my meteor!"
-Other example: Individual is approached at a McDonald's drive-thru for money, turns the panhandler down, feels bad because "he's a big believer in karma," goes after the guy to give him some money after all, and witnesses said panhandler carjacking some poor schlubs in the parking lot at gunpoint. Go go gadget irony! 

...I could go on, but I think you get the picture. :P There were some REALLY funny moments in a recent case, but it ended in a mistrial / hung jury so I'll hold on to those little anecdotes until the final verdict is reached. :3 


Love y'all. Art coming soon. :heart: 
  • Listening to: People get law wrong on the radio
  • Reading: Uprooted--Naomi Novik
  • Watching: Sofia the First SHUT UP
  • Playing: Forbidden Desert YASSS
  • Eating: Some sad chips and stuff
  • Drinking: Iced tea


Better Off When I Was On Your Side by TheAntimonyElement
Better Off When I Was On Your Side
Wonderful boyfriend got me Copics for my birthday, and wonderful boss judge helped me get a job at NASA. This is a gift for wonderful boss judge. I'm starting my new job on Halloween, and everything is such a spin right now. I'm running on very little sleep and one meal today and I needed to finish this. 

My scanner and my camera are both refusing to cooperate, so I hope something about the energy and the color comes through here, instead of the smudgy nonsense my scanner spat back at me. There are still some weird color spots, but playing around too much with the Photoshop editing filters makes it look all sterile and gross, so I'm leaving them in in the interest of authenticity. 

I'm...really, crazy happy with this. It didn't take very long--maybe a couple of days--and it's rare for a piece to come out exactly how it looks in my head. I'm usually happy with whatever result I get, but this was just plain *fun.* It's my first real foray into Copics, and just...yum. Their reputation is well-deserved. I probably used less than a dozen colors to make the unicorns. 

The unicorns were colored entirely in Copic marker, then cut out and attached to the background. 

The foot and horn-splotches are India Ink, of course. Nothing looks quite like that. :heart: 

Love you guys. Real updates soon, I promise. 
Disneigh Princesses 3--Almost There by TheAntimonyElement
Disneigh Princesses 3--Almost There
More Disneigh Princesses, because they're fun and I love making them! 

Disney Princesses Set One here!
Disney Princesses Set Two here!

Here we have the four most recent official Disney princesses--no Moana yet because I haven't seen her movie, but I am really really hyped! Anyway...

Water Lilly was a filly who loved to cook, and worked hard every day to achieve her dream of owning her very own restaurant. But when she gets mixed up with a voodoo curse placed on a good-for-nothing prince, she becomes swept up in an adventure with a delicious conclusion, and learns that sometimes it's ok to let down her mane and play. Her cutie mark is fireflies formed in the shape of the big dipper (fireflies, stars, and impressed with me guys ;p

Reinpunzel was born with the power to heal people with her magical hair. However, she is kidnapped by a greedy witch and raised in a tower with no knowledge of the outside world. When she gets the opportunity to escape and see the world, this plucky pony tackles her challenges with perky pizzazz despite her naivete...and she might just enchant a certain unscrupulous thief along the way! Her cutie mark is the sun sigil of her kingdom, Corona (I love Tangled so much, you guys don't understand, Rapunzel is probably my favorite Disney princess :heart:

Icy Dazzle and Sunshine Smiles are two sisters who couldn't be more different. Sunshine can't understand why Dazzle wants to lock herself away from the world...but Dazzle, the first unicorn born in generations to a kingdom of earth ponies, is terrified of her uncontrollable winter magic. When she accidentally freezes their kingdom of Marendelle, Dazzle runs away, and it's up to Sunshine to find her sister and show her that love really can thaw a frozen heart. Dazzle's cutie mark is an snowflake, and Sunshine's is a crocus, the symbol of Marendelle. 

Love you guys--more to come soon! :D Hope you enjoy! 
Stubborn Love by TheAntimonyElement
Stubborn Love
Uggghhh have some Toriel and Asgore.

They're just SO CUTE and they aren't explicitly together even in the happy ending and I HATE IT. BAD SHIP. 

To be honest, I think they both have valid reasons and motivations, but I sort of tend to take Asgore's side over Toriel's. I feel really bad for him...he's just a big sap. Meanwhile, while I totally see why Toriel's angry, it seems a bit hypocritical to run off and leave all the monsters to fend for themselves and then be mad at how it turned out. Meh. They're still adorable and they break my heart. 

I might write more later when I'm not so darn tired. Blaaahhhhh. 

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